Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So Jay Rosen's got an idea for helping frustrated citizens set the news agenda. He proposes a nonprofit news site that accepts story "assignments" from users who want questions answered that they can't get from traditional news organizations. In a blend of the bubbling citizen journalist concept and old-school newsgathering, Rosen wants these ideas developed by professional editors, who would then seek both the right correspondent to complete the story and the donors to support its completion.

The proposal aims to solve the challenge of getting important stories covered by independent journalists as traditional newsrooms succumb to corporate pressures and rampant cost cutting. Under this model, if enough people want a story reported and are willing to back their curiousity with cash, it'll get done.

This supports the notion that the people will ultimately determine the fate of our country, either by taking control of it or handing it off. By our action or inaction, we get not only the government we deserve, but the journalism we deserve.

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